I would have LOVED to watch the lunar eclipse last night EXCEPT THERE WAS A FRAKIN’ BLIZZARD HAPPENING! (Chidlin’s have a 2-hr delay this AM)

Lenten Time-In.

    What she says: I'm fine
    What she means: hail hydra

The day has just gotten away from me, but it was a beautiful day today! It was 70! But it’s suppose to SNOW ON TUESDAY AND WEDNESDAY!??!? WTF Michigan?!?!

Anyway—window farm post will have to be made next Sunday. Weekends are the only time that Husband is home, and we try to cram in all we can while he’s here—so he doesn’t miss out on too much. Kids go back to school tomorrow—HOT DAMN!

It was good to hear from some of you today! <3 Keep ‘em coming!

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Yes, this is me—live and in person. (well, sorta)

Sundays are “free space” days—and I’ve never participated in that school of thought before, for fear of not being able to jump back on the wagon Monday and hold steadfast to whatever I gave up for Lent—BUT! There’s news!

*I’m moving to Pennsylvania.

*I cannot party like I’m still in my 20’s.

*Yesterday was probably the last day I’ll ever set foot at work as an employee.

*This guy has TWITTER!!!! —> @RobertDowneyJr

*Also, I’ve had to change all my passwords because of that fucking heartbleed virus. Like—every possible site that was hit, I had an account for, it seemed. Blergh.

*And honorable mentioned should go to my MSU Spartans—you tried fellas. You should be proud of what was accomplished this season! Xx

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Dear Future Sparkx—I hope that Mark isn’t a potato this year and actually does something for your birthday instead of giving you the shaft, yet again. We can hope? Since it happens on a weekday and he’s gone during the week—I hope that he had something planned the weekend before? Maybe?

But—in the all too likely event that he didn’t do anything (I mean—why break a 20 year streak, amirite?!) HAPPY BIRTHDAY WONDER WOMAN!




Stay away from the angry Korean lady, no matter how badly you need her waxing skills, no matter how crazy-busy the salon is. JUST SAY NO.

DO NOT give into the temptation/Jo’s persistence to go get vah-jazzled. NO!

It’s a Tuesday—a school night—so I’m sorry that you won’t be able to tie one on with the girls, but I hope that you don’t have an chauffeuring to do. (ha…ha ha ha. :/ )

I LOVE YOU! HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO FUTURE ME! (And also to Lee Pace and Elton John!)

Hope this is posting on the right day—I setup several things to Que during my Lenten internet fast!

HAPPY St. Paddy’s Day!

Here’s to those who wish us well…
All the rest can go to hell!

I’m also hoping that my Michigan State University Spartans are Big 10 champs at this point. GO SPARTANS!


I’ve scheduled this reminder to post explaining why you won’t be seeing me until Easter. (20.4.2014) I wonder how many followers I’ve lost by now? LOL.

Probably at this point, I’ll be missing quite a few of you. If you want to email me—it goes straight to my phone, and I won’t be tempted to hop on the internet! (email is allowed!) Hope to hear from some of you! <3

📩 Glitter.Buns.Fantastic@gmail.com

"What I’m Giving Up for Lent"

Lent is always a time for self reflection and sacrifice, and this season of Lent will be no exception in our household.

We’re going dark.

No Internet (unless it’s needed for school/work) AND we’re going to be having 'blackout nights' once a week where we’ve agreed to turn the electricity off beginning at 5pm and keeping it off until dawn. (MAJOR candle making session this weekend!)

So—beginning this Sunday (not Ash Wednesday) I will be unplugging.

This also means there will be NO chapter updates for Twice Infinite until Easter on April 20th. (Growing up, we always went right up to Easter Sunday instead of stopping on Holy Thursday. Also—perfect time to get all caught up on the Doiteains & Loki!)

I will miss you all. Especially you…and you…and I can’t forget about YOU!